Titay’s Rosquillos

Rosquillos, which means ‘ring­let’ in Spanish, are cook­ies made from flour, eggs, short­en­ing, sug­ar, and bak­ing powder. They were cre­ated ori­gin­ally byMar­gar­ita ‘Titay’ T Frasco in 1907 in the Cebu province of the Philippines. And these here are Titay’s Rosquillos, the brand of her name­sake.

Each bis­cuit is thin, around 2.5mm thick, and ring-shaped with a wavy out­er edge.

These bis­cuits smell slightly sweet, even a little bland. On tast­ing, though, they’re very crispy bis­cuits with a mel­low but­tery and eggy fla­vour that devel­ops to an aro­mat­ic sweet­ness — like a crispy Swiss roll? — towards the end of each bite before leav­ing a com­fort­ing sweet­ness linger­ing on the tongue. These bis­cuits are per­fect for every occa­sion, with their pleas­ant and mel­low fla­vour pair­ing well with teas and cof­fee.

This box of Titay’s Rosquillos con­tained 3 pack­ages each with 16 bis­cuits. It was pro­duced in the Philippines and gif­ted by col­leagues vis­it­ing the Philippines in 2017