Yìměi Red Bean Milk Ice Bar

The red bean fla­voured snacks that have appeared in the archives would fool you into think­ing that I’d always liked red bean. For the first few years that I’d known D, he’d tell me how much he enjoyed eat­ing red bean ice cream sticks, only for me to stub­bornly refuse to par­take because the red bean soup from Chinese res­taur­ants that also used mung beans and Chinese almonds had ruined the inno­cent red bean for me. It wasn’t until the last few years with gradu­al expos­ure to Japanese desserts that I real­ised its deli­cious­ness.

So, we come full circle with this Yìměi Red Bean Milk Ice Bar.

Each bar is made with a red bean fla­voured milk base and stud­ded with sweet red beans.

Each bar has a gen­er­ous num­ber of red beans with­in, mostly at the tip of each bar — a likely res­ult of how the bars were pro­duced and beans being heav­ier than water — giv­ing sweet and nutty pops of tex­ture and bite. The milk ice bar has a pleas­antly mel­low red bean fla­vour, although its low milk con­tent — there is very lim­ited dairy fla­vour — makes the bar impossible to bite into straight from the fridge. The upside to this is that the bar doesn’t melt to a puddle even if you take your time eat­ing it.

Overall, a high­er dairy con­tent would’ve made for a cream­i­er and rich­er dessert that more prop­erly sat­is­fies crav­ings for ice cream and dessert.

This box of Yìměi Red Bean Milk Ice Bar con­tained 5 bars or 437.5 g. It was pro­duced in Taiwan and pur­chased in Sydney, Australia in 2017.