Rubicon Guava Exotic Juice Drink

Summer is the time for refresh­ing bever­ages to keep us hydrated and this here is Rubicon Guava Exotic Juice Drink made with 21% guava pulp.

The juice is an opaque orange col­our with a sweet trop­ic­al guava nose. Served chilled, the juice has a smooth and slightly vis­cous mouth­feel — the kind that coats your tongue — with the slight­est hint of the grit­ti­ness that you find in guava juice usu­ally. The bright fla­vour of guava has a bal­anced sweet­ness that per­sists through­out the sip with a slight acid­ity devel­op­ing mid-sip. It tastes like liquid guava — it’s sweet, fla­vour­ful and refresh­ing.

This bottle of Rubicon Guava Exotic Juice Drink con­tained 1 litre. It was pro­duced in Canada and pur­chased in Sydney, Australia in 2017.