Monte Rosa Yokohama Red Brick Choco Sando Wafer

Monte Rosa is a con­fec­tion­ery store in Yokohama estab­lished in 1962. Part of its lineup fea­ture items that serve as souven­irs for the city by draw­ing upon loc­al land­marks and pro­duce. This here is Monte Rosa Yokohama Red Brick Choco Sando Wafer.

These wafers draw inspir­a­tion from the brick­work of the Yokohama Red Brick Warehouse, a his­tor­ic­al build­ing (now used as a com­plex that includes a shop­ping mall, ban­quet hall and event ven­ues) con­sist­ing of two ware­houses that were ori­gin­ally used as cus­toms houses in the early 1900s for the port city.

Each box con­tains 14 indi­vidu­ally wrapped wafers sand­wich­ing two lay­ers of chocol­ate cream.

The wafers have a gentle car­a­mel­ised sug­ar aroma with thin and crispy wafers that con­trast well with the firmer lay­ers of cream, mak­ing for a delight­ful tooth­some mouth­feel. The wafers are fra­grant — like a good car­a­mel­ised vanilla sug­ar cook­ie — and thick, unlike most oth­er wafers that are thin and crumbly, while the chocol­ate cream is mel­low — not at all rich — and melts in the mouth to add just enough mois­ture to the drier wafer.

This box of Monte Rosa Yokohama Red Brick Choco Sando Wafer con­tained 7 pieces. It was pro­duced in Japan and gif­ted by friends vis­it­ing Yokohama, Kanagawa, Japan in 2017.