Proud & Punch Paging Dr Green Juice Pop

On hot days, I’d soon­er reach for a chilled drink than I would a frozen juice pop. It’s just less messy not hav­ing to deal with drips. But that’s not to say I don’t enjoy them. This here is Proud & Punch Paging Dr Green Juice Pop. It’s made from 100% Australian Granny Smith Apple juice (65%), Packham Pear juice (32%), spin­ach pur­ee (1.5%) and dessert lime pur­ee (1%) with no added sug­ar or arti­fi­cial col­ours or fla­vours.

The juice pop has prom­in­ent acid­ic notes from Granny Smith Apples that are well com­ple­men­ted by the del­ic­ate flor­al sweet­ness of Packham Pears and a zesty hint of tangy fresh­ness from the dessert lime. Thankfully, the spin­ach is not notice­ably present dur­ing each bite with the apple and pear notes over­power­ing, but it does linger long on the pal­ate as a veget­al after­taste. Essentially, these juice pops are tasti­er frozen ver­sions of the healthy green smooth­ies that I enjoy much less.

This pack­age of Proud & Punch Paging Dr Green Juice Pop con­tained 1 stick. It was pro­duced in Australia and received as a sample in Sydney, Australia in 2017.