Steve Costi Seafoods, Northbridge

Whenever we have some­thing to do on the North Shore, we always make time to vis­it Tokyo Mart in Northbridge. It’s a fair trek from where we live, but it’s also one of the few Japanese super­mar­kets in Sydney and undoubtedly the one with the widest range. A new habit we developed dur­ing those vis­its is to vis­it Steve Costi Seafoods around the corner for their $5 fish and chips spe­cial.

This is the Grilled Fish and Chips ($5.00).

The fish is deli­ciously moist and flaky, seasoned with lem­on and herb, and grilled to a crispy skin.

And this is the Battered Fish and Chips ($5.00).

The battered coat­ing wasn’t the cris­pi­est we’ve had — noth­ing beats the one at the Blue Mountains Hotel in Lawson — but the innards were moist and flaky. D par­tic­u­larly enjoys the super crunchy chips.

For $5.00, these fish and chips are a steal.

Steve Costi Seafoods is loc­ated at Ground Floor, Northbridge Plaza, 29/​79 – 113 Sailors Bay Rd, Northbridge NSW 2063.