Hominy Bakery, Katoomba

There’s no short­age of recom­mend­a­tions for Hominy Bakery on a vis­it to Katoomba on the inter­net.

Located on the main road in Katoomba, its shelves are filled with baked goods. (On a side note, Katoomba is still very much into using plastic strip doors, which I am not fond of espe­cially when my hands are full.)

They have organ­ic sour­dough or yeasted bread on their shelves as well as cakes and pastries in their cab­in­ets to sat­is­fy sweet tooths like D and me.

First up is the Little Apple Pie ($2.95).

The apple pie has a crispy sug­ar crust on the top that goes so well with the sweet soft apples inside.

This is the Pear Danish ($2.60) with a cube of baked pear but crispy and flaky pastry.

This is the Pear & Apple Cake ($3.90). This was a tad too dense and sweet with cubes of pear and apple and rais­ins.

And finally, the Apple & Rhubarb Turnover ($3.55).

This apple turnover has the same sugared top to the pastry that gives a sat­is­fy­ing crunch to the soft innards. The rhu­barb brings a pleas­ant tart­ness to the sweet apple.

The Apple & Rhubarb Turnover and the Little Apple Pie were both win­ners that we’d return for if we were in the area. And so I join the crowd recom­mend­ing this bakery!

Hominy Bakery is at 185 Katoomba St, Katoomba NSW 2780.