Haribo Berry Fruitmania

Packed with fla­vour with the per­fect teeth-boun­cing tex­ture describes Haribo’s gummy range. So I was excited to see these new Haribo Berry Fruitmania that come in five fla­vours: straw­berry, black­berry, black­cur­rant, rasp­berry and blue­berry.

What I didn’t notice, though, was that they’re veget­ari­an. This means they don’t use gelat­ine, so we were sur­prised by the tex­ture of these gum­mies. They’re firm, but there’s no res­ist­ance to your teeth or stretch when you bite through them. Textural issues aside, these have the decent fla­vour that we’ve come to expect from Haribo.

The straw­berry fla­vour is shaped like the fruit with a bright nat­ur­al fla­vour like you’d find in a straw­berry jam. The fla­vour is richest mid-bite, with some gen­er­al sweet­ness fla­vour the earli­er part of the bite.

The black­cur­rant fla­vour comes through earli­er than the straw­berry fla­vour, almost imme­di­ately upon bit­ing and without the gen­er­ic sweet­ness early on. The fla­vour is nat­ur­al and vibrant.

The black­berry is the same col­our and dis­tin­guished by their dis­tinct shape and fla­vour. This one has a sweeter, round­er fla­vour without the char­ac­ter­ist­ic slight sharp­ness or acid­ity of black­cur­rant.

The rasp­berry is slightly pinker than the straw­berry and again tastes like a rasp­berry jam. While sweet and nat­ur­al, the fla­vour is not as intense as you’d ordin­ar­ily find in rasp­berry fla­voured gummy by say, Allens.

Finally, the blue­berry fla­vour has a pleas­antly con­cen­trated intense blue­berry fla­vour that’s unlike some of the rather bland fresh blue­ber­ries that we get in Australia.

Overall, the lack of bounce in the tex­ture of these gum­mies is dis­ap­point­ing, but tex­tur­al issues aside, these pack a punch with their fla­vour. That said, we enjoy the bounce of the Gold Bears by Haribo too much to pick these over them.

This pack­age of Haribo Berry Fruitmania con­tained 140 g. It was pro­duced in Germany and pur­chased in Sydney, Australia in 2017.