Fluffy Crunch, Parramatta Lanes 2017, Parramatta

Gourmet fairy floss is the spe­ci­al­ity of Fluffy Crunch, which occu­pied a stall in Batman Walk dur­ing Parramatta Lanes 2017. From them, you can expect ingredi­ents like freeze-dried fruit, rose­wa­ter and crushed cook­ies mixed in with the fairy floss of your child­hood.

Lychee is my weak­ness and this here is the Lychee Gourmet Fairy Floss by Fluffy Crunch ($7.00 for 50 g).

It’s described as ‘an exot­ic fla­voured fairy floss dus­ted with pure freeze dried lychee fruit’.

The fairy floss is a pristine white, light as a cloud, and looks exactly like cot­ton. The fairy floss itself is sug­ar and not fla­voured, rely­ing on the lychee to bring the fla­vour, and it does! The crushed freeze-dried lychee is gen­er­ously scattered through­out — in addi­tion to the whole lychee at the top of the buck­et — and brings an enjoy­able and exot­ic flor­al fla­vour to the fairy floss. And for those who like a break between coat­ing their teeth in pure sug­ar, the fairy floss is assembled in four lay­ers for easy por­tion­ing. While we’re not con­vinced this gour­met fairy floss is worth the price, we thor­oughly enjoyed it.

Fluffy Crunch occu­pied a stall between 10 – 13 October in Sweets ‘N’ Beats, Batman Walk as part of Parramatta Lanes 2017 at Parramatta NSW 2150.