Chobani ‘Flip’ Key Lime Crumble Greek Yoghurt

Flip packs of Yogo with M&Ms and choc chips are a fond child­hood memory and this Chobani ‘Flip’ Key Lime Crumble Greek Yoghurt is a health­i­er ‘adult’ ver­sion that they came out with mid-late 2017.

It’s a key lime yoghurt with cook­ie crumble and white chocol­ate, pack­aged sep­ar­ately for max­im­um crunch.

The key lime yoghurt has a cit­rus zesti­ness to it that’s punc­tu­ated by pops of intense fla­vour from pieces of can­died lime, while the cook­ie crumbles add a tasty crunch and the white chocol­ate brings sweet­ness to bal­ance the tang from the yoghurt. The green col­our of the yoghurt is unset­tling ini­tially, but the acid­ity of the lime com­ple­men­ted the sour­ness of the yoghurt and the mix of tex­tures made it easy to look past.

Chobani ‘Flip’ Key Lime Crumble Greek Yoghurt con­tained 140 g. It was pro­duced in Australia and pur­chased in Sydney, Australia in 2017.