Chobani Kiwifruit Greek Yoghurt

Green col­oured yoghurt is hav­ing its time on the super­mar­ket shelves with this Chobani Kiwifruit Greek Yoghurt avail­able around August 2017. Kiwifruit is a pop­u­lar winter fruit mak­ing it the per­fect choice for a ‘lim­ited batch’ much like their pink grapefruit and guava, and pine­apple fla­vours from 2016.

Like all Chobani tubs, the fruit is at the bot­tom beneath the yoghurt. Stirring reveals real kiwifruit pulp with seeds dot­ted through­out. The kiwifruit comes through prom­in­ently in each spoon­ful with a pleas­ant crunch from the seeds, bring­ing a sweet­ness that com­bines with the tangi­ness of Greek yoghurt. That said, the kiwifruit fla­vour is not that of the fresh fruit and I’m not a fan. While it’s there and it’s real, it has the unpleas­ant fla­vour — bor­der­ing on chem­ic­al or spear­mint without the fresh­ness — that I do not enjoy in non-fresh kiwifruit.

This tub of Chobani Kiwifruit Greek Yoghurt con­tained 140 g. It was pro­duced in Australia and pur­chased in Sydney, Australia in 2017.