Tacos, KFC, Sydney

The Zinger Taco was the time lim­ited item for the month of November at KFC. And we were delighted, as it coin­cided with when interest in mak­ing and eat­ing nachos and tacos at home peaked.

Zinger Tacos have ‘a spicy Zinger fil­let topped with lettuce and tomato salsa, packed into a hard taco shell and soft tor­tilla held togeth­er with our fiery Supercharged sauce’. The Zinger Taco Boxed Meal comes with two.

These tacos were a tasty pack­age, over­com­ing the usu­al prob­lem of eat­ing hard tacos — where it cracks upon bit­ing and you end up with taco shell every­where and taco innards all over the place — by wrap­ping the hard taco with a soft taco. The innards had a mod­er­ate and enjoy­able heat from the salsa, while the Zinger fil­let brought more crunch and the tomato and lettuce added fresh­ness. Overall, these tacos are bal­anced in fla­vour and tex­ture, mak­ing for an enjoy­able snack.

Zinger Tacos appeared on KFC menus in Sydney dur­ing November 2017.