PappaRich, Ultimo and Macquarie Park

The qual­ity of the food and cus­tom­er ser­vice is much the same across the dif­fer­ent stores of PappaRich, so I’m com­fort­able talk­ing about them togeth­er. Here, we have two vis­its, one to the branch in Ultimo (above) and the oth­er to Macquarie Park.

This is the Dry Koay Teow Soup with Steamed Chicken ($14.90). It’s ‘thin flat rice noodles served with tasty sweet sauce, red chilli and a serve of steamed chick­en’.

The noodles are smooth and slip­pery with a sweet soy like sauce. The chil­lis provide some heat to spice up the noodles.

Unfortunately for me, I’m always stuck with squeaky chick­en breast when I eat steamed chick­en at res­taur­ants. This time it’s no excep­tion even though T’s serving of steamed chick­en was deli­ciously smooth and juicy thigh. The cori­ander added an enjoy­able herby fla­vour to the soy in the chick­en.

On the earli­er vis­it, I was really after the Pappa Wat Tan Hor ($14.90) or wok-fried com­bin­a­tion thick flat rice noodles with egg gravy, prawns, fish cake, chick­en slices, choy sum and fried shal­lots. The lar­ger por­tion saw me opt­ing to share with D at a later vis­it to Macquarie Park.

The dish is fra­grant with wok hei much like you’d expect from Cantonese cuisine. Add a dash of soy sauce and the provided pickled chil­lis, the dish ticks the five basic tastes and is immensely enjoy­able with its vast array of ingredi­ents. That said, the slip­per­i­ness of the egg gravy means it’s not the easi­est dish to eat with chop­sticks — a spoon will assist.

We’re not sure if we’d tried the Roti Telur ($8.90) before so we give it a go. Roti telur is roti canai with egg through­out the bread. Here, it’s served with dhal and sam­bal. The roti telur has a deli­cious eggy fla­vour, although it’s masked by the dhal and sam­bal. It’s also dens­er than the roti canai whose fluffy tex­ture makes it both a con­veni­ent and tasty vehicle for dip­ping into sauces, where­as the roti telur is bet­ter appre­ci­ated on its own.

This is the Roti Canai with Tandoori Chicken ($14.90) with raita, sam­bal and a wedge of lime. The roti at PappaRich has a deli­cious crispi­ness to the edge with a fra­grant and fluffy con­struc­tion, which is in stark con­trast to the ones from Indian or Sri Lankan res­taur­ants. The tan­doori chick­en is pleas­antly spicy, but cooled with the yoghurt speckled with car­rot and cucum­ber, while the sam­bal is enjoy­ably sweet with a healthy heat devel­op­ing in the fin­ish.

For drinks, T has the Kopi ($4.20), a Malaysian style cof­fee. The milk and sweet­ness of the cof­fee masks any bit­ter notes in the cof­fee. I’d have pre­ferred a rich­er cof­fee fla­vour.

I try the Pappa Cham ($4.20), a cof­fee and milk tea. While I could taste a fra­grant milk tea, I could not detect any hint of cof­fee. Perhaps they for­got?

And N goes for their Red Bean ($4.90) with ice blen­ded red bean and more red bean paste. We’re sur­prised that we had to mix the soy milk with the red bean ourselves as the menu showed a pre-blen­ded drink. Nonetheless, N enjoyed the mel­low red bean fla­vour but not the prom­in­ent soy milk fla­vour in the fin­ish.

Coffee and tea aren’t an option for the caf­feine-sens­it­ive at din­ner, so this is the Coconut Paradise ($7.50). The fla­vour comes through as coconut milk, although it’s pleas­antly mel­low in the back­ground with the sweeter fla­vours of young coconut flesh and juice com­ing through more prom­in­ently. We’re con­vinced they must use real young coconut giv­en the price.

And finally, this is the Lychee Grass Jelly ($5.90). I’d been curi­ous about this for a long time, but opted for oth­er drinks as the pic­ture in the menu showed crushed ice without a prop­er des­scrip­tion. We were pleas­antly sur­prised to find that it’s a lychee blen­ded ice, like a slush­ie. The grass jelly and the fruit added deli­cious pops of tex­ture and fla­vour, but what sur­prised us most pleas­antly was the change in fla­vour from the lime juice.

The interi­or of the dif­fer­ent stores is also much the same, with Macquarie Park (above) being bright­er with white walls and white stone tab­letops. Consistency is import­ant and PappaRich deliv­ers on fla­vour, por­tion sizes, cus­tom­er ser­vice and decor.

PappaRich is loc­ated at 5/​185 Broadway, Ultimo NSW 2007 and Level 3 Upper, Macquarie Shopping Centre, Cnr of Herring Rd & Waterloo Road, Macquarie Park NSW 2113.