Black Star Pastry, Sydney

A col­lab­or­a­tion with Choya Umeshu saw a twist on the clas­sic European Black Forest Cake at Black Star Pastry dur­ing September 2017: the Japanese Forest Cake ($10.00).

The Japanese Forest Cake uses unique ingredi­ents from Japan –

Built to look like a divot of the forest floor, the Japanese Forest Cake is made of lay­ers of hojicha (roas­ted tea) sponge, CHOYA con­fit ume fruit (Japanese plum), ume liqueur infused cream, gar­nished with matcha moss, leaves and bark of dark chocol­ate, as well as whole con­fit ume fruit.

The fla­vours of ume and chocol­ate dom­in­ate in this cake, with the plum fla­vour com­ing through pleas­antly with a mild alco­hol­ic note in the cream, while the seg­ments of con­fit ume add pops of acid­ity and fresh­ness that cut through the cream. Beyond the light­ness cre­ated by the cream and ume, the subtle fla­vours of the hojicha sponge and the matcha moss are over­whelmed by the intens­ity of the dark chocol­ate, unfor­tu­nately, although it does bal­ance the sweet­ness in the cream. Perhaps the use of less dark chocol­ate would have allowed the tea fla­vours to shine through and serve more than a dec­or­at­ive role. Overall, it’s an enjoy­able cake.

Blackstar Pastry is loc­ated at Kinokuniya, Level 2, The Galeries, 500 George Street, Sydney NSW 2000.