Chanoma Cafe, Sydney

Yuzu was fol­lowed by hojicha or roas­ted green tea as the fea­tured fla­vour at Chanoma. And fol­low­ing hojicha was gen­maicha or brown rice green tea.

N starts with their Genmaicha Soft Serve ($3.90). There’s an enjoy­able nut­ti­ness from the popped rice that comes through gently ahead of a pro­nounced bit­ter­ness from the green tea in the fin­ish. It’s a very enjoy­able fla­vour, although a stronger rice fla­vour would be pleas­ant to bal­ance the strength of the green tea.

Wanting to kill two birds, being the gen­maicha soft serve and the latte, with one stone, I opt for the Genmaicha Float ($5.50). The latte is a drink­able ver­sion of the soft serve, although the dairy fla­vour comes through more prom­in­ently than in their stand­ard matcha lattes. The bit­ter­ness from the green tea is imme­di­ately obvi­ous, rather than just in the fin­ish as in the soft serve, while the brown rice fla­vour remains mel­low but present.

To go with their new gen­maicha products was a Curry Doughnut ($4.90). It’s pricey for a curry dough­nut, but we’re not in Japan, so …

These dough­nuts are fried to order, res­ult­ing in a super crispy crumbed coat­ing — more crispy than any sim­il­arly fried dough­nut I’ve eaten in Australia or Japan — and the innards are pip­ing hot and smell deli­ciously homey with soft potato, although not meat.

N and I are delighted with these new addi­tions to the menu. With made to order crab cream cro­quettes, things would be per­fect. Maybe next time?

Chanoma Cafe is loc­ated at Shop 1, Regent Place Arcade, 501 George Street, Sydney NSW 2000.