Toscano Italian Tiramisu

A favour­ite dessert for D and me dur­ing our uni­ver­sity days was a twin pack of single serve tiram­isu from the super­mar­ket. They were made in Italy and tasted deli­cious. They’ve long stopped selling that dessert in the fridge to our dis­may. We indulged with a sim­il­ar fam­ily pack from Costco on our occa­sion­al vis­its, but a few months ago, we found this Toscano Italian Tiramisu in the bakery sec­tion of our super­mar­ket again. If my memory serves me well, it’s the fam­ily size ver­sion of the twin packs.

The tiram­isu has a ‘cof­fee soaked Savoiardi sponge bis­cuit base, cush­ioned by a lay­er of rich Marsala wine and mas­car­pone mousse and fin­ished with a cocoa dust­ing’. The mousse is piped to per­fec­tion.

Tiramisu is the excep­tion to my gen­er­al aver­sion to overly creamy desserts. Served chilled, the tiram­isu is light with very rich Marsala wine notes come through along with lightly sweet chocol­atey notes of cocoa that bring a rich­ness to the fla­vour. The cof­fee soaked sponge cuts through the cream pleas­antly with hints of sharp­ness but com­bined with the booz­i­ness of the Marsala wine in the mousse, the bit­ter­ness becomes little too intense by the fourth or fifth bite. While we’d prefer the booz­i­ness dialled back a notch, it’s all right as it is though as that’s about the num­ber of mouth­fuls for a single serving.

This pack­age of Toscano Italian Tiramisu con­tained 500 g. It was pro­duced in Italy and pur­chased in Sydney, Australia in 2017.