Royal Family Sesame Almond Cookies

Chinese almond cook­ies are a pastry from Hong Kong, Macau and China. They’re made with ground almonds, mak­ing them very crumbly. I’d only ever known them in their ori­gin­al almond fla­vour until see­ing these Royal Family Sesame Almond Cookies. These are, as the name sug­gests, black ses­ame fla­voured.

Each cook­ie is a com­pressed disc of ground almonds mixed with ground black ses­ame with the whole black ses­ame seeds and almonds through­out.

These cook­ies have the sweet nutty smell of black ses­ame soup that’s also a pop­u­lar dessert in those regions. The same strong black ses­ame fla­vour comes through in the cook­ie with the sweeter almond notes in the back­ground with a touch of savoury to bal­ance the sweet­ness. The cook­ie is fam­ously crumbly. This one, though, dis­tin­guishes itself fur­ther from ori­gin­al almond cook­ies with the addi­tion of crunchy tex­ture and toasted notes from the whole black ses­ame seeds and almonds. These are a delight.

This pack­age of Royal Family Sesame Almond Cookies con­tained 8 pieces. It was pro­duced in Taiwan and pur­chased in Sydney, Australia in 2017.