Royal Family Pie Cookies Matcha Mochi

These Royal Family Pie Cookies Matcha Mochi are a more excit­ing ver­sion of the Chocolate Mochi from earli­er.

Each piece has a chocol­ate chip cook­ie with a matcha mochi centre.

These smell like a chocol­ate chip cook­ie with the cook­ie part tast­ing like a soft, crumbly cook­ie. The matcha mochi centre looks the part with its green col­our but tastes arti­fi­cial although not unpleas­ant — it’s sweet but not some­thing you’d identi­fy as being green tea without prompt­ing. The ‘green tea’ fla­vour is prom­in­ent even through the chocol­ate chips but is not over­whelm­ing.

Overall, these are easy enough to eat but not some­thing I’d go out of my way for espe­cially when there is the rich­er chocol­ate ver­sion.

This pack­age of Royal Family Pie Cookies Matcha Mochi con­tained 8 pieces. It was pro­duced in Taiwan and pur­chased in Sydney, Australia in 2017.