Nestle Kitkat Caramel Burst & Sea Salt

Another of the trio of KitKat Chocolatory fla­vours released in mid-2017 is this Nestle Kitkat Caramel Burst & Sea Salt. It fea­tures ‘crisp wafer fin­gers topped with soft flow­ing car­a­mel and sea salt filling, all encased in smooth milk chocol­ate’.

The sea salt in the car­a­mel comes through imme­di­ately and reaches its peak mid-bite, del­ic­ately bal­an­cing the sweet­ness of the milk chocol­ate. The salted car­a­mel brings an enjoy­able soft tex­ture that’s not over­whelm­ingly cloy­ing or sweet and con­trasts well with the crisp­ness of wafer as the chocol­ate melts to a smooth con­sist­ency. As prom­ised, these KitKat are a step above the rest.

This pack­age of Nestle Kitkat Caramel Burst & Sea Salt con­tained 140 g. It was pro­duced in Australia and pur­chased in Sydney, Australia in 2017.