English Tea Shop Summer Crunch

A ded­ic­ated pot for mak­ing iced tea is amaz­ing. I nev­er thought it would make my life so much more con­veni­ent but it has and luck­ily it arrived before Christmas so I could spend the hol­i­day peri­od hydrat­ing with ice cold teas! This is English Tea Shop Summer Crunch, a black tea fla­voured with apple and mel­on with cool mint.

Steeping one 8-gram tea bag for 20 minutes in 900 ml of cold water yields a golden brown liquor that smells fruity. This fruit­i­ness comes through as sweet, but cool­ing, mel­on notes — akin to hon­ey­dew — in the head before a crisp apple fla­vour spiced lightly with cin­na­mon builds in the body with under­tones of mint that become most pro­nounced in the fin­ish to leave a cool­ing mouth­feel. The black tea comes through as a sweet­ness in the back­ground and as a slight astrin­gency along with the cin­na­mon in the after­taste. The sum­mer fla­vours of mel­on and cool­ing mint make this an enjoy­able iced tea dur­ing a heat­wave and a spoon­ful of honey would go well for those who prefer a sweeter tea.

The pack­aging recom­mends steep­ing for 3 – 5 minutes in hot water or 8 – 10 minutes in cold water. I avoid mak­ing this tea with hot water as it extracts a stronger black tea fla­vour that over­whelms the del­ic­ate apple and mel­on notes. For steep­ing in cold water, though, I found that 8 – 10 minutes was insuf­fi­cient — there were notes of mel­on and apple and mint, but the tea tasted very weak like a watery infu­sion with no black tea fla­vour.

This can of English Tea Shop Summer Crunch con­tained 10 tea bags. The tea ori­gin­ated in the United Kingdom and was pur­chased in Shibuya, Tokyo, Japan in 2014.