Rubicon Lychee Exotic Juice Drink

We enjoy vis­it­ing green­gro­cers for the vari­ety of impor­ted bever­ages they stock that you’re unlikely to find in a super­mar­ket. These bever­ages are often sold at a premi­um when com­pared to ordin­ary pack­aged juice, but we fig­ure it’s still cheap­er than buy­ing a drink from a cafe or juice/​tea store. This Rubicon Lychee Exotic Juice Drink is one such bever­age.

The juice is an opaque yel­low col­our with a sweet lychee nose. Served chilled, the lychee fla­vour comes through as flor­al notes from the head of each sip before the more trop­ic­al notes of the fruit emerge with an intens­i­fied sweet­ness in the body ahead of a slightly acid­ic fin­ish that lingers briefly with the flor­al notes in the after­taste. The juice is smooth with a bal­anced sweet­ness and has a slightly vis­cous mouth­feel that seems to help the lychee fla­vour linger longer on the pal­ate.

This bottle of Rubicon Lychee Exotic Juice Drink con­tained 1 litre. It was pro­duced in Canada and pur­chased in Sydney, Australia in 2017.