Santa Vittoria Pear Fruit Nectar

Pear juice is often watery, which makes it less enjoy­able than I’d like des­pite being a fan of the fruit. This Santa Vittoria Pear Fruit Nectar though is packed with pear fla­vour and elim­in­ates that watery qual­ity entirely.

The juice is an opaque yel­low col­our with a fra­grant pear nose. Served chilled, sweet notes of juicy pear come through from the head of each sip before the more del­ic­ate flor­al notes emerge in the body with min­im­al grit from the fruit. The sweet­ness is fresh and recedes in the fin­ish, leav­ing a fra­grant pear fla­vour linger­ing lightly on the pal­ate. Despite the small volume of each bottle, this nec­tar is immensely refresh­ing as its thick­er con­sist­ency means the nec­tar stays longer on the pal­ate for you to enjoy its chilled cool­ness.

This bottle of Santa Vittoria Pear Fruit Nectar con­tained 125 ml. It was pro­duced in Italy and pur­chased in Sydney, Australia in 2017.