Lupicia Sakurambo Vert

In the West, we’re used to deep red, sweet cher­ries about 2 cm in dia­met­er. Japanese cher­ries, or sak­ur­ambo (lit­er­ally, fruit of the sak­ura, cherry blos­som tree), how­ever, are ruby red and dis­tin­guished for their sweet, slightly tart fla­vour and aroma. This here is Lupicia Sakurambo Vert.

Lupicia Sakurambo Vert is a ban­cha blen­ded with Japanese cherry and rose­mary.

Steeping 3 g of looseleaf in 200 ml of water at 75°C for 1.5 minutes yields trans­lu­cent light yel­low liquor with a bright fruity cherry nose. Served hot, the sweet-sour fla­vour of Japanese cher­ries come through before the piney notes of rose­mary emerge in the body fol­lowed quickly by the veget­al notes of the ban­cha to leave a clean after­taste and slight astrin­gency on the pal­ate. Overall, it’s a refresh­ingly fruity medi­um-bod­ied tea with a bal­anced sweet­ness and com­plex­ity of fla­vour from the addi­tion of rose­mary. It would work well as an iced tea.

This bag of Lupicia Sakurambo Vert con­tained 50 g. The tea ori­gin­ated in Japan and was pur­chased in Kyoto, Japan in 2015.