Jarritos Mango Soda

Jarritos Mango Soda is a soft drink you often find at an inflated price on cafe menus. Bottled in Mexico, it’s not too sur­pris­ing. Luckily we found it dis­coun­ted at an inde­pend­ent super­mar­ket in Western Sydney.

The soft drink is a trans­lu­cent yel­low-orange col­our with a lightly sweet trop­ic­al nose and mod­er­ate car­bon­a­tion. Served chilled, a sug­ary sweet­ness — it’s made with real sug­ar as it reminds you — per­sists through­out the drink, with a notice­able but mel­low mango fla­vour briefly in the body that recalls mango syr­up or mango candy rather than refresh­ing fresh fruit and leav­ing a sweet fin­ish. Overall, the mango fla­vour needs to be stronger to counter the sweet­ness and to elev­ate the drink to the luxe soft drink ter­rit­ory that its price com­mands.

This bottle of Jarritos Mango Soda con­tained 370 ml. It was bottled in Mexico and pur­chased in Sydney, Austalia in 2017.