Japan 2014 — Day 18: Yokohama and Tokyo

We decide to leave Japan dur­ing mid­day rather than an even­ing flight the day before. The air­fares for the pre­vi­ous day were more expens­ive and equal to the cost of spend­ing anoth­er night in Japan.

So we spend most of the morn­ing com­mut­ing from Yokohama back to Tokyo where Narita Airport is.

Its 6 AM, and this is the same amaz­ing night view but dur­ing the day.

Our com­mute was made rel­at­ively easy by the Narita Express, a dir­ect shinkansen con­nect­ing vari­ous des­tin­a­tions dir­ect to Narita Airport. It’s about $10 – 12 more expens­ive than catch­ing a rap­id train to Tokyo and then catch­ing the Skyliner to the air­port, but it was worth it just for the con­veni­ence of not need­ing to fight your way through a train sta­tion dur­ing peak hour in Tokyo, which is a feat even without lug­gage.

We didn’t get much time to explore much of the air­port but from what I saw, I much prefer Kansai International Airport in Osaka. That air­port feels (and is) much more mod­ern, not to men­tion the con­nec­tion to Osaka itself is a frac­tion of the cost and time of that to Tokyo. While we didn’t get time to explore, we did a man­age to squeeze in a last Japanese meal. I had the udon while D had the rice bowl. Both were pretty decent but obvi­ously not as tasty as what you can get out­side.

It’s rain­ing when our flight is sched­uled to leave, and hav­ing flown with Jetstar, our plane was parked as far as pos­sible from the run­way it seemed. But that’s all right — we were in no rush as we had an 11 hour lay­over in Melbourne before our flight to Sydney the next day.

We stocked up on food for the plane. D stuck to his onigiri giv­en his aver­sion to sand­wiches, while I tried my tonkatsu sand­wich. My sand­wich was quite tasty even though it was cold — or maybe I was just hungry.

We fly over large expanses or ocean.

And fly over Cairns in the even­ing. It’s impossible to get sim­il­ar pho­tos of Japan at night from the plane because we’re always about to land and the cab­in lights are always on.

We’re on the last leg from Melbourne to Sydney, prob­ably closer to Sydney than Melbourne, ’cause D and I went straight to sleep the moment the plane took off. The long lay­over cer­tainly made us glad to have arrived in Sydney, but it also meant our Japan 2014 trip was well and truly over.

Our trip was abso­lutely amaz­ing though, and only made us love Japan even more. Now that doc­u­ment­ing the trip is over, I shall return to the back­log of food posts since Christmas!