Books Read — July to September 2017

These are books read from July to September of 2017, lis­ted in the order they were read.

36. The Glass Slipper and Other Stories by Yasuoka Shotaro, trans­lated by Royall Tyler

37. Hell by Yasutaka Tsutsui, trans­lated by Evan Emswiler

38. Vita Sexualis by Ōgai Mori, trans­lated by Sanford Goldstein and Kazuji Ninomiya

39After the Banquet by Yukio Mishima, trans­lated by Donald Keene

40Mistress Oriku: Stories from a Tokyo Teahouse by Matsutaro Kawaguchi, trans­lated by Royall Tyler

41. All Over Creation by Ruth Ozeki

42The Cat in the Coffin by Mariko Koike, trans­lated by Deborah Boliver Boehm

43The Name of the Flower by Kuniko Mukoda, trans­lated by Tomone Matsumoto

44The Stationmaster by Jirō Asada, trans­lated by Terry Gallagher

45Beauty in Disarray by Harumi Setouchi, trans­lated by Sanford Goldstein and Kazuji Ninomiya

46Confessions of Love by Uno Chiyo, trans­lated by Phyllis Birnbaum

47. I Haven’t Dreamed of Flying For a While by Taichi Yamada, trans­lated by David James Karashima

48. A Wife in Musashino by Ooka Shohei, trans­lated by Dennis C Washburn