Farmhouse Gold Strawberry Pot Set Yoghurt

This Farmhouse Gold Strawberry Pot Set Yoghurt is eas­ily the cutest pot of yoghurt. It’s advert­ised as using ‘a tra­di­tion­al pot set recipe, with the good­ness of extra-creamy milk, the juice of pressed fruit and no gelat­ine, glu­ten, starches or gums’.

The yoghurt is a beau­ti­ful pas­tel pink with the straw­berry fruit mixed as juice into the yoghurt pri­or to set­ting.

On tast­ing, fresh notes of straw­berry pop brightly. The tex­ture, though, lets the yoghurt down. It’s bey­ond ‘thick’; it’s firm, retain­ing its shape even when upside down. The firm­ness of the tex­ture means that the yoghurt tastes more like a straw­berry pud­ding but unlike pud­ding, it’s neither a smooth nor a melt-in-your-mouth creamy mouth­feel but dis­solves slowly into a some­what crumbly con­sist­ency as if it were set with a mix of agar agar and gelat­ine. We’re not fans.

This tub of Farmhouse Gold Strawberry Pot Set Yoghurt con­tained 150 g. It was pro­duced in Australia and received as a sample in Sydney, Australia in 2017.