Gravy Mashies, KFC, Sydney

Gravy from KFC is abso­lutely deli­cious. It’s full of chick­en fla­vour and avoids the taste of the corn­starch that’s used to thick­en sauces. Their potato mash is anoth­er story, though — made from powder, it’s what we leave behind in the tub when we can’t get gravy by itself. But these Gravy Mashies by KFC take them to a new level.

Gravy Mashies appeared for a lim­ited time dur­ing October, with the large size hav­ing 12 pieces for $4.95.

They’re true to their descrip­tion being ‘crunchy on the out­side, mash and gravy on the inside’. The super crunchy out­side makes all the dif­fer­ence to the ordin­ar­ily fla­vour­less potato mash, with the oozy gravy centre bring­ing deli­cious and hot pock­ets of fla­vour to the smooth mash. We’d eat these again, although we’re not com­pletely sold on their price.

Gravy Mashies appeared on KFC menus in Sydney, Australia dur­ing October 2017.