Bourke Street Bakery, Parramatta

Rosemary and potato are a sure com­bin­a­tion, and this Potato and Rosemary Sourdough ($7.50) from Bourke Street Bakery packs this deli­cious pair of fla­vours into a neat round loaf.

The loaf is about 20 cm in dia­met­er and 8 cm in height, with a golden crust and topped with sprigs of rose­mary. There’s enough for 8 gen­er­ous slices.

The fra­grant aroma rose­mary is unmis­tak­able when you’re in prox­im­ity of this sour­dough, beg­ging you to just dig into it. Sliced and toasted, the sour­dough has a crunchy crust with tender soft innards. The notes of rose­mary in the taste bal­anced and deli­cious without over­power­ing the nat­ur­al fla­vour of the sour­dough and com­ple­men­ted well by deli­cious cubes of potato. The cubes of potato are cooked through to a tender tex­ture but retain their shape. Each slice is so packed with fla­vour we enjoy return for it.

Bourke Street Bakery is loc­ated at 186 – 190/​1 Church St, Parramatta NSW 2150.