7-Eleven Slurpee

With the weath­er get­ting warm­er, D and I like to stop by 7-Eleven to pick up a Slurpee. We were pleas­antly sur­prised to find lim­ited fla­vours in addi­tion to their staple cola and rasp­berry.

This is the Guava. We enjoy its refresh­ing trop­ic­al notes of red guava with mod­er­ate sweet­ness.

This is the Honey Pear. This one tastes some­where between sweet cooked pears and arti­fi­cial pear fla­vour.

This is the Zilched Lychee. The Zilched range is arti­fi­cially sweetened and con­tains less than 1% sug­ar. We enjoy the flor­al sweet­ness of lychee com­ing through bright with a bal­anced sweet­ness immensely.

This is the Zilched Passionfruit Lime. The pas­sion­fruit is rather absent from this one, with an arti­fi­cial lime dom­in­at­ing the fla­vour. It tastes all right, but we’ve had more enjoy­able fla­vours.

Guava, Honey Pear, Zilched Lychee and Zilched Passionfruit Lime Slurpees were avail­able at 7-Eleven in Sydney dur­ing November to December 2017.