Max Brenner Italian Thick Hot Milk Chocolate

On days when the wind chill leaves you in no doubt that it’s winter, there’s noth­ing quite like nurs­ing a hot chocol­ate to warm you right up and push aside your wor­ries. This here is the Max Brenner Italian Thick Hot Milk Chocolate (large, $7.10).

My last encounter with a ‘thick’ hot chocol­ate was a Spanish one at San Churro. It was less a drink to be sipped than a hot chocol­ate cus­tard eaten with a spoon. Something so rich wasn’t what I had in mind first thing in the morn­ing and for­tu­nately, this Italian Thick Hot Chocolate hits the mark. It’s thick but it’s def­in­itely a drink and not a food — it coats your tongue in a pleas­ant way that’s lux­uri­ously smooth and creamy with none of the thin­ness of stand­ard hot chocol­ates. While it’s very notice­able that it’s made with real chocol­ate rather than powder, it’s thin­ner than just mol­ten milk chocol­ate. The milk chocol­ate is rich with a bal­anced sweet­ness.

This Italian Thick Hot Milk Chocolate appeared on Max Brenner menus in Sydney, Australia dur­ing June 2017.