Dewlands Passion Fruit Juice

This is Dewlands Passion Fruit Juice made from con­cen­trate with 46% apple juice, 30% pas­sion fruit juice and 24% grape juice. We’re slowly mak­ing our way through the range of ‘exot­ic’ fruit juices and fol­lows on from our taste of their lychee and ruby grapefruit juices.

The juice is an opaque orange-red col­our with a trop­ic­al nose. Served chilled, the juice tastes much like an unre­mark­able trop­ic­al punch. The fla­vour of pas­sion­fruit is present but there’s none of the tart­ness that I enjoy so much in fresh pas­sion­fruit. The tart­ness has been muted by the sweet­ness of the apple and grape juices which appear prom­in­ently from early in the sip and into the fin­ish before reced­ing to leave a some­what fresh­er pas­sion­fruit after­taste. While this pas­sion­fruit juice is enjoy­able, it’s noth­ing spe­cial.

This bottle of Dewlands Passion Fruit Juice con­tained 1 litre. It was pro­duced in South Africa and pur­chased in Sydney, Australia in 2017.