Hello! I’m a lady liv­ing in Syd­ney with a fond­ness and curi­os­ity for Japanese food and cul­ture. I delight in:

  • col­lect­ing and drink­ing leaf teas and fruit infu­sions;
  • savour­ing the fla­vours of yuzu, lychee and black ses­ame;
  • enjoy­ing snacks and candy from Japan;
  • indul­ging in beau­ti­ful cakes and desserts;
  • sew­ing patis­ser­ie cakes from felt and thread;
  • fold­ing com­plex ori­gami mod­els;
  • watch­ing anime and read­ing Japanese lit­er­at­ure;
  • col­lect­ing pretty or cute pack­aging;
  • con­struct­ing mini­ature scale mod­els of build­ings; and
  • trav­el­ling to and pho­to­graph­ing scen­ic loc­a­tions.

Many of these interests, to vary­ing degrees, form the focus of this blog. Here, I attempt to avoid the immense effort required to com­mit sen­sa­tions and exper­i­ences to long term memory, and indeed its inev­it­able fal­lib­il­ity. And so it serves as a record of my imme­di­ate thoughts on the bever­ages I drink, the foods I eat, and the places I travel that I want to recall in detail down the line. 

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