Pringles Chilli Sambal Crisps

These are Pringles Chilli Sambal Crisps. D and I are spend­ing an inor­din­ate amount of time on Youtube watch­ing videos by Malaysians and these Pringles fla­voured after the shrimpy, fishy chilli paste you often find in their cuisine are an appro­pri­ate accom­pa­ny­ing snack.

Each chip is coated vis­ibly in an orange season­ing with a warm spicy aroma. On tast­ing, these chips spice deliv­er a lightly warm chilli sam­bal fla­vour with a decent resemb­lance to the fla­vour, if not the heat, of the sam­bal enjoyed at res­taur­ants with a pleas­ant shrimpy and fishy, herby, and lightly acid­ic fla­vour. That said, the heat does build as you con­tin­ue to eat, but it nev­er reaches any­where near as hot as the real sauce.

This pack­age of Pringles Chilli Sambal Crisps con­tained 134 g. It was pro­duced in Malaysia and pur­chased in Sydney, Australia in 2017.