Magners Pear Cider

Magners Pear Cider is our first Irish cider, though we’re not sure what’s dif­fer­ent about Irish ciders.

The cider is a trans­lu­cent pale straw col­our with a crisp nose and mod­er­ate car­bon­a­tion. Served chilled, notes of pear come through with a mel­low sweet­ness in the head before devel­op­ing with acid­ity in the body, which recedes to a crisply smooth fin­ish that leaves del­ic­ate yet fra­grant notes of pear linger­ing pleas­antly in the after­taste. Overall, the cider is not very sweet yet still enjoy­able with its light taste dis­tin­guish­ing it from oth­er ciders.

This bottle of Magners Pear Cider con­tained 568 ml. It was bottled in Ireland and pur­chased in Sydney, Australia in 2017.