Beschico, Epping

Epping isn’t par­tic­u­larly known for its food, but Beschico, loc­ated oppos­ite the train line on the main road, is well known for its Korean fried chick­en. A catch up with D’s old col­leagues saw us mak­ing our way to Epping.

We arrive at 6 pm to an almost empty res­taur­ant, but the tables fill up quickly half an hour later.

We’re here for their fried chick­en, and a good 20 minutes after order­ing, the chick­en arrives! These are the Crispy Chicken Drumettes (18 pcs for $26). 

These dru­mettes are def­in­itely crispy on the out­side and remain crispy even after cool­ing down. There’s a gentle spi­ci­ness to the coat­ing that’s very enjoy­able, although the chick­en is some­what dry on the inside. Compared to the juicy innards of KFC, these are very dry.

But we’re very impressed with the Chico Soy Chicken Drumettes (18 pcs for $27).

These have a sweet, sticky soy sauce on them, dus­ted with ses­ame seeds. Perhaps, because they didn’t need to be fried as long for crispi­ness, these retain juicy innards that, togeth­er with the sticky glaze, makes for some very more­ish chick­en. We’d return for these.

We enjoy the soy fried chick­en here, but we’re more keen for the spring onion chick­en at Red Pepper Bistro in Strathfield.

Beschico is loc­ated at 1/​41 Beecroft Rd, Epping NSW 2121.