Yasaka Ramen, Sydney


With our favour­ite ramen res­taur­ant in the city, Ramen Bar Goku closed on Mondays, N and I cel­eb­rated my birth­day by revis­it­ing Yasaka Ramen. Yasaka Ramen is the res­taur­ant with the tagline, ‘No Ramen No Life’.

In the mood for some­thing dif­fer­ent, I try the Tsukemen ($15.00) with miso dip­ping sauce.

The noodles are made from whole grain wheat, which is dif­fer­ent from the noodles they use for their oth­er ramen and evid­ent in the speckled appear­ance of the noodles. The noodles have a delect­ably chewy tex­ture.

The dip­ping sauce has a healthy miso fla­vour, with just the right con­sist­ency — neither too thin nor thick — for stick­ing to the noodles. Overall though, as expec­ted from miso, the sauce is very salty and becomes too much mid-way through the noodles. It’s an inter­est­ing dish, but not likely some­thing I’d order again.

As for N, she tires their Black Garlic Ramen ($16.00), a Yasaka ori­gin­al made from a mix of squid ink and their sig­na­ture pork bone broth and added gar­lic for a ‘tangy fla­voured black col­oured soup’.

N liked the fla­vour­ful soup and the gen­er­ous amount of wood ear, bean sprouts and bam­boo, although she’d have enjoyed the addi­tion of an egg over the pork, which was less tender than she remem­bers from pre­vi­ous vis­its. As for the squid ink, it cre­ated a dra­mat­ic appear­ance to the soup, but did not do much in terms of fla­vour.

For dessert, we can’t go past the Karinto Manjyu ($6.00), which is a cre­at­ive ‘man­jyu’ take on karinto, a tra­di­tion­al Japanese snack food that’s sweet and deep-fried, made primar­ily of flour, yeast, and brown sug­ar.

These man­jyu are a sure remind­er of their source of inspir­a­tion, with a deep-fried, crispy out­side with a deli­ciously car­a­mel­ised fla­vour that hides a smooth red bean paste with­in. They’re a touch oily, but they’re very sat­is­fy­ing to eat.

And finally, N revis­its her quest for Hojicha Ice Cream ($5.00). The hojicha has a deeply roas­ted green tea fla­vour, although it’s more icy than creamy for an ice cream.

Yasaka Ramen is at 126 Liverpool St, Sydney NSW 2000.