Sushi Love Burrito

After pin­ning our hopes on lunch at Chefs Pastry, we settled at Sushi Love Burrito. Formerly known as Sushirito and selling the unin­spired fad that was a sushi and burrito in one, the place has since branched out into the more ped­es­tri­an fare.

It’s not some­where we’d have high hopes for, but it was a ridicu­lously hot day and they were a con­veni­ent spot for a light meal for N and some­thing sweet for me. We’re after the Sweet Red Bean Snowflake ($15.00).

There’s a 15-minute wait after order­ing even when they’re quiet, and the res­ult­ing product looks noth­ing like the menu. There’s a dis­tinct lack of kinako or almonds, which have been replaced with col­oured mochi and pearls and vanilla ice cream. The photo on the menu lacks the red bean but it’s in the name, so I’ll give them that.

The dessert tastes much like how you’d expect: dis­ap­point­ing. While the ice is light and fluffy, it’s only fla­voured with con­densed milk. The red bean is tender and sweet, while the pearls and mochi add much-needed tex­ture. That aside, the over­all taste is very ordin­ary and would have been even more dis­ap­point­ing if it weren’t also a humid 40°C day — there are far more sat­is­fy­ing places for prop­erly shaved ice for a lower price ner­arby.

The more time I spend time at the vendors at Spice Alley, the more I’m con­vinced it’s some­where of which I should to steer well clear.

Sushi Love Burrito is loc­ated at Spice Alley, 24 Kensington St, Chippendale NSW 2008