Oh! Matcha, Sydney

It’s always excit­ing when Oh! Matcha (or Chanoma Cafe as it was formerly known) comes out with a new sea­son­al item on their menu. And just in time for my birth­day back in November, they came out with desserts and drinks based on kinako (roas­ted soy­bean flour) and kur­omitsu (black sug­ar syr­up) as part of their Kyoto series.

This is the Kyoto Anmitsu ($7.90) with agar agar, anko (red bean paste), azuki beans, dango and kinako soft serve drizzled with kur­omitsu.

The star here is the kinako soft serve, which deliv­ers on the char­ac­ter­ist­ic nut­ti­ness with a gentle sweet­ness from the kur­omitsu. The anko was smooth while the azuki beans added a firmer tex­ture to the soft­ness. As ever, I’m not a fan of the crumbly tex­ture of agar agar jelly.

And this is the Kyoto Matcha Thick Shake ($6.90) with kinako blen­ded with matcha soft serve and topped with whipped cream and kur­omitsu.

It was a bit wor­ry­ing when we vis­ited the first day this new menu was avail­able and the lady mak­ing the drink was fol­lowed around by anoth­er hold­ing the recipe telling her how to make the drink. Unfortunately, the new­ness of this menu item shows in the drink with it hav­ing an overly watery con­sist­ency. The dom­in­ant fla­vour is matcha, although the char­ac­ter­ist­ic bit­ter fin­ish is roun­ded by the nut­ti­ness of the kinako. That said, the fla­vour of kinako is very subtle and it’d be dif­fi­cult to identi­fy the fla­vour without pri­or know­ledge.

We’ll likely return once they’re more prac­ticed with their new items.

Oh! Matcha is loc­ated at Basement, World Square, 644 George Street, Sydney, NSW2000.