Nudie Cherry Icelandic Yoghurt

Greek yoghurt has bee all the rage in recent years, but Icelandic yoghurt is still some­thing new to me. Icelandic yoghurt, also known as skyr, is made from non­fat yoghurt and strained more than Greek yoghurt to res­ult in a thick­er con­sist­ency with an even high­er pro­tein con­tent. This here is Nudie Cherry Icelandic Yoghurt.

The yoghurt is a pale pink col­our with a rich smelly aroma and very thick con­sist­ency — the spoon can be flipped upside down without los­ing the yoghurt. On tast­ing, the thick gritty tex­ture of the yoghurt is the first thing to register on the pal­ate. Thick, gluggy and gritty, the yoghurt is very offput­ting, while the unsweetened yoghurt leaves a sour fla­vour with an astrin­gent mouth­feel. Overall, it’s a dif­fi­cult yoghurt to stom­ach and reminds D and me of the sim­il­arly tex­tured yoghurt we had at Matsunaga in Nagoya Station.

This tub of Nudie Cherry Icelandic Yoghurt con­tained 170 g. It was pro­duced in Australia and received as a sample in Sydney, Australia in 2017.