Mamak, Chatswood

There are only two Mamak out­lets in Sydney, and with D hav­ing for­got­ten all about our ini­tial vis­it to the one in Melbourne back in 2011, I was keen to remind him of the dif­fer­ence between the roti canai at Mamak as com­pared to Papparich, which we’re more famil­i­ar with giv­en their numer­ous out­lets across Sydney.

The Roti Canai ($7.50), ‘the ori­gin­al roti, crispy on the out­side, fluffy on the inside’. It’s deli­ciously light as ever and markedly less dense than the (still fluffy) one from PappaRich, which seems to be a stur­di­er vehicle for the cur­ries.

Keen to try some­thing dif­fer­ent and of the mind that but­ter can only ever make things taste bet­ter, this is the Roti Planta ($8.50), a ‘rich but­tery roti’. The roti loses the fluffi­ness of the roti canai with but­ter ooz­ing from between the lay­ers of pastry. The but­ter adds a rich­ness to the roti that’s enjoy­able on its own, but a bit much when used as a vehicle for the cur­ries.

T’s up to try­ing some­thing dif­fer­ent as well and goes for the Chicken Murtabak ($14.50), ‘a loc­al favour­ite, filled with spicy meat, cab­bage, eggs and onions’ as well as the stand­ard cur­ries. Unfortunately, this is an entirely for­get­table dish tast­ing like a mildly seasoned egg, cab­bage and onion stir­fry with chunks of pro­tein that were decidedly not spicy.

We enjoy Mamak, but we enjoy Papparich more for its more access­ible loc­a­tions and con­sist­ently tasty menu at afford­able prices.

Mamak is loc­ated at 9/​1 – 5 Railway St, Chatswood NSW 2067.