Magnum Chocolate Cookie Crumble Ice Cream

Chocolate and cook­ie-based ice creams are crowd-pleas­ing fla­vours, and this Magnum Chocolate Cookie Crumble is no dif­fer­ent.

Each stick has ‘vel­vety chocol­ate ice cream covered in crack­ing white chocol­ate with cocoa cook­ie pieces’.

The thick white chocol­ate gives a deli­ciously sat­is­fy­ing crack with the sweet­ness of white chocol­ate and addi­tion­al crunchy cook­ie bits con­trast­ing well with the richly smooth chocol­ate ice cream. This ice cream is simple, but it’s done well and makes for a sat­is­fy­ing ice cream fix.

This pack­age of Magnum Chocolate Cookie Crumble Ice Cream con­tained 4 sticks or 388 ml. It was pro­duced in Australia and pur­chased in Sydney, Australia in 2017.