Happy Lams Hot Thai Fish Balls

I’ve always enjoyed the fish cake at Thai res­taur­ants with their pleas­ant heat and aro­mat­ic lem­on­grass fla­vour. These are Happy Lams Hot Thai Fish Balls  — ostens­ibly, the cakes in ball form.

These fish balls have an orange-red col­our. They’re labelled hot and they def­in­itely deliv­er. The chilli is strong as you’d expect in Thai food, while the lem­on­grass fla­vour is very prom­in­ent — per­haps a bit too strong. Yet, their tex­ture is really where these fish balls fail to deliv­er. They lack the bouncy elasti­city of fish balls that give them a sat­is­fy­ing bite and instead have a crumbly tex­ture when bit­ten through.

This pack­age of Happy Lams Hot Thai Fish Balls con­tained 250 g or 17 balls. It was pro­duced in Australia and pur­chased in Sydney, Australia in 2017.