Chobani ‘Flip’ Chocolate Haze Craze Greek Yoghurt

This Chobani ‘Flip’ Chocolate Haze Craze Greek Yoghurt is anoth­er fla­vour in the new series they launched in August 2017.

It’s chocol­ate yoghurt with milk chocol­ate and hazel­nuts.

The milk chocol­ate chips and hazel­nuts were a deli­cious com­bin­a­tion — when is it not? — but the acid­ity in Greek yoghurt does not lend itself well to being fla­voured with chocol­ate. The chocol­ate loses its sweet­ness — unlike Yogo — and much of its rich fla­vour, with the yoghurt tak­ing on a sour­ness that loosely recalls the fla­vour of straw­berry yoghurt. We’re a fan of the bits but not of the yoghurt base.

This pack­age of Chobani ‘Flip’ Chocolate Haze Craze Greek Yoghurt con­tained 140 g. It was pro­duced in Australia and pur­chased in Sydney, Australia in 2017.