Chefs Pastry, Chippendale

On my last vis­it to Spice Alley to vis­it Hokie Poke, I spot­ted Chefs Pastry. Newly opened in December, Chefs Pastry is a col­lab­or­a­tion between Kaisern Ching (Chefs Gallery) and Stanley Quek (founder of the Kensington Street din­ing com­plex) and offers both sweet and savoury pastries that blend Eastern and Western influ­ences.

Tucked behind Gin Lane when I vis­ited three weeks after open­ing, they were exper­i­en­cing teeth­ing issues. Indeed, it looked as if they weren’t even going to open that day, but the lady saw that we were idling and inter­ested in between her phonecalls frantic­ally try­ing to resolve them, and offered a com­pli­ment­ary tast­ing of their selec­tion of cakes leftover from earli­er.

This is the Yuzu Meringue Choux Puff ($5.50).

This the choux we wanted to vis­it espe­cially to try. The yuzu fla­vour comes through brightly in the cream, with refresh­ingly zesty notes that dis­tin­guish it from the fla­vour of lem­on. The meringue added a gentle sweet­ness to the choux, although I’d have enjoyed a more of it.

This is the Chilli Chocolate Choux Puff ($5.50)

This was sur­pris­ingly enjoy­able. The choux is slightly savoury which pairs well with the light chocol­ate cream that’s infused with chilli. Tiny specks of red chilli are vis­ible in the cream, and the heat increases from barely there to a healthy intens­ity as you eat with the salty notes from the choux mar­ry­ing the fla­vours well.

The choux pastry was worse for wear being old stock, but that was expec­ted. We’d return to try them fresh.

Chefs Pastry is loc­ated at Spice Alley, 16 Kensington St, Chippendale NSW 2008.