The Max Joy Co, Eastwood

While there’s an abund­ance of baker­ies in Eastwood, the dessert options on both the Korean and Chinese side of the rail­way lines were always sub­par — the kind of place you’d reluct­antly vis­it due to the lack of altern­at­ives but nowhere you’d heart­ily recom­mend to your friends. That is, until Max Joy Co.

Max Joy Co is situ­ated at the very west­ern end of Rowe Street, oppos­ite the school and away from the busier shops. Their spe­ci­al­ity items are ice cream and waffles.

Specifically, these Moffles ($12.95, includ­ing a scoop of ice cream, $3.00 for an addi­tion­al scoop) are my reas­on for mak­ing an espe­cial trip to Eastwood.

Moffles are waffles made with mochi, some­thing we’d enjoyed immensely some years ago at Hana Hana before it closed down. Here, the moffle is chewy on the inside with a crispy out­side. Moffles are an acquired taste though, so if you’re like D and do not enjoy doughy foods, then it might not be for you. For me, though, I find it delight­fully sat­is­fy­ing with the kur­omitsu adding just enough mois­ture and sweet­ness to the oth­er­wise unsweetened mochi and cut through by the tart straw­ber­ries.

These scoops are of Granny Smith Apple and Yuzu sorbets. Eastwood is fam­ous for the Granny Smith apple, acci­dent­ally first grown in the sub­urb by Maria Ann Smith, so this fla­vour is a main­stay. It’s refresh­ing, des­pite the apples being cooked, with small pieces of Granny Smith Apple through­out to bring inter­est­ing pops of fla­vour and tex­ture. The yuzu, though, is the high­light, with a bright and zesty fla­vour that’s immensely uplift­ing.

We return to try some of their oth­ers fla­vours. These scoops are Grandma’s Black Sesame and Granny Smith Apple. The black ses­ame is one of the most enjoy­able of this fla­vour that we’ve tried. It’s creamy and packs a healthy punch of nutty black ses­ame fla­vour with a bal­anced sweet­ness.

And these scoops are Lavender Honey and Hojicha. The lav­ender notes are fra­grant with bal­anced sweet­ness from the honey. My senses are accus­tomed to lav­ender scen­ted soaps and air freshen­ers, so this fla­vour had my mind res­ist­ing to like it, but for someone without this asso­ci­ation, it would be very pleas­ant. As for the hojicha, we thor­oughly enjoyed the roas­ted green tea fla­vour that came through prom­in­ently through the creamy dairy base much like a good hojicha latte.

With a good creamy tex­ture and no ici­ness, it’s no won­der that this spot is buzz­ing with activ­ity late into the night.

The Max Joy Co is loc­ated at 251 Rowe St, Eastwood NSW 2122.