Smoky BBQ Crunch Chicken, KFC, Sydney

Since the Cola BBQ Wicked Wings on KFC menus in 2016, I’ve been look­ing for­ward to their return — they were deli­ciously sticky and sweet with a minor cola kick. It doesn’t seem to be return­ing any­time soon, though, which KFC instead releas­ing Smoky BBQ Crunch Chicken dur­ing the month of September.

The chick­en pieces are aud­ibly crunchy without the occa­sion­al soft bat­ter that you get from the ori­gin­al fried chick­en at KFC. And cov­er­ing these crunchy pieces is a smoky barbe­que sauce that’s sweet and smoky, much like the bottled sauce from the super­mar­ket. Overall, the pieces with the sauce are tasty, if unori­gin­al.

Smoky BBQ Crunch Chicken appeared on KFC menus in Sydney, Australia dur­ing September 2017.