S&B Beef Stew Torokeru

The words ‘brown stew’ doesn’t exactly seduce your tastebuds like ‘beef stew’ does, so I’m not sure why this S&B Beef Stew Torokeru goes with the former on the export pack­aging.

Each box con­tains 8 cubes of hay­ashi roux.

The 8 cubes are divided into 2 parts, each serving 4.

The box provides instruc­tions for pre­par­ing the hay­ashi on a stove, but like D and I pre­pare it in a pres­sure cook­er by sear­ing 500 g of chunky gravy beef, toss­ing in chunks of 2 car­rots and 3 pota­toes (or mush­rooms for more ‘authen­t­ic’ fare), pop­ping 8 cubes (the whole box) on top, and pres­sure cook­ing for 25 minutes.

After 25 minutes, we reduce the liquid to a stew con­sist­ency. The liquid has a red film of red spicy (chilli?) oil.

The stew is an opaque deep brown beneath the lay­er of red chilli oil with a fla­vour that recalls beef slow cooked with root veget­ables. As with oth­er instant roux, the season­ing is spot on out of the box — barely sweet with a bal­anced savoury meaty fla­vour that’s rich and com­fort­ing. It’s hearty and sim­il­ar to the Hayashi Rice by S&B, but we prefer that one for the enjoy­able sweet tart­ness that comes from the tomato-based sauce.

This pack­age of S&B Beef Stew Torokeru con­tained 160 g. It was pro­duced in Japan and pur­chased in Sydney, Australia in 2017.