Maples Sugar Shack Maples’ Butter

Maple syr­up is syn­onym­ous with Canada, who pro­duce the over­whelm­ing major­ity of the world’s maple syr­up. And my sweet tooth has had a soft spot for it since I was a child. In mid-2017, D’s col­league returned from a lengthy stay in Canada bear­ing the cutest jars of Maples Sugar Shack Maples’ Butter.

Maple but­ter isn’t some­thing you can eas­ily find in Australia. It’s made by heat­ing maple syr­up past 100°C, cool­ing it to around 52°C, and stir­ring until it reaches a smooth con­sist­ency. Contrary to its name, it is dairy-free.

The maple but­ter is a light tan col­our with a light and spread­able con­sist­ency that’s slightly softer than pea­nut but­ter but less runny than lem­on but­ter.

One way to eat maple but­ter is as a spread. I don’t eat toast reg­u­larly, but I like maple syr­up enough to make an excep­tion (four times in two days, no less).

The maple but­ter has the fra­grant fla­vour that I love from maple syr­up but with a thick­er mouth­feel that clings to your pal­ate more so than the syr­up. After a few bites, the ini­tial fra­grance recedes some­what and pleas­antly reminds one of an Original Glazed Krispy Kreme dough­nut. Eating toast could become a reg­u­lar thing if I had more maple but­ter!

This jar of Maples Sugar Shack Maples’ Butter con­tained 80 g. It was pro­duced in Canada and gif­ted by col­leagues vis­it­ing British Columbia, Canada in 2017.