Domino’s, Sydney

Between Pizza Hut and Domino’s, we’re fre­quenters of the lat­ter due to the con­veni­ence of their loc­a­tions and breadth of selec­tions on their menu.

This here is the Chicken & Camembert Premium Pizza ($16.90), ‘sliced roast chick­en breast, camem­bert, rash­er bacon, cherry toma­toes, baby spin­ach, red onion topped with hol­landaise sauce’. This pizza brings the per­fect mix of fla­vours with the rich­ness of the camem­bert and hol­landaise sauce bal­anced by the fresh­ness of the tangy toma­toes and spin­ach. It’s a ‘light’ pizza, the kind where you can keep eat­ing without being weighed down by the heav­i­ness of many meat-heavy piz­zas.

This is the Peri Peri Chicken Premium Pizza ($16.90), ‘suc­cu­lent chick­en, cherry toma­toes, baby spin­ach, red onion topped with peri peri sauce’. In essen­tials, this pizza tastes and looks much like the one above, but swaps the hol­landaise sauce out for the peri peri sauce to bring a pleas­ant and healthy spicy fla­vour to the fresh­ness of the pizza.

And as a side, we tried these Spicy Battered Prawns ($5.95) with ranch dip­ping sauce.

The prawns were much smal­ler than we expec­ted from the pho­tos when order­ing, but non­ethe­less, they were deli­ciously crispy with the prom­ised spicy fla­vour coat­ing suc­cu­lent (tiny) prawns.

These items appeared on Domino’s menus in Sydney, Australia dur­ing October 2017.